Pastor’s Corner: Rev. Fanco Chan, April 2010

Pastor’s Corner Rev.  Chan        April 2010

Lena and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas on April.    It was wonderful to re-visit a place where we went long time ago, not to mention the precious moments for two of us to spend a few days together! However, we couldn’t help thinking about our sons all the time.  I spent time daily writing emails to them, while Lena thought about their needs all the time she shopped.

What will our empty-nested lives be  like in the future if we are both left with each other in the house?   Perhaps we should practise more time-together now.   What a win-win situation as we enjoy time dating again while our sons enjoy more time on their own and be trained to take up their daily chores!

Recently I started weekly early morning prayer with Pastor Or and Pastor Lee.  Although it is just about an hour, we all enjoyed the sweetness of fellowship and time with the Lord a lot!     Perhaps it’s a sign of maturity that I need to sleep earlier at night each time we prayed in the morning, but I thank the Lord for giving me a healthier habit.

I have also started a new hobby – blogging.     I enjoyed this discipline not only to reflect my daily walks with God and to sharpen  my spiritual perspectives in life, but also sharing my faith through the internet.   It feels so rewarding to serve God through my writing to bless others and glorify God.        (translated by Mrs. Liu)

Staff News

  1. Pastor Siu will go to Hong Kong on May 5 – 11 to visit his mother who is hospitalized because of back problem. Please pray for his mother.
  2. Pastor Lee will take a leave without pay from May 7 to 26  to join his relatives in a trip to Israel. His mother is now recovering from a broken pelvis. Please pray for his mother.
  3. Praise God that Pastor Or witnessed his grandmother believing in Christ when he went to visit her in Hong Kong.
  4. Pastor Yip will go to the Philippines on May 31 – June 22 to train Korean and Filipino missionaries. Please pray for the trip.

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