Bible Reading and Devotion Guideline


Weekly Bible Reading and Devotion Guideline

Monday to Friday for bible reading and devotion each week. Saturday and Sunday for make-up or Scripture meditation.


Daily Bible Reading and Devotion Guideline

  1. Quiet down a while, you might say a prayer, inviting God to speak to you, to reveal Himself to you and to help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of who He is and who He calls you to be.
  2. Press the arrow button or the “Read chapter in full” biblegateway link to listen to or read the whole 260 bible chapter.
  3. Return to this 260 page and slowly read the 260 devotion Scripture.
  4. Follow the Reflection section to think over the passage asking the Holy Spirit to show you the relationship between the passage read and your present situation, as well as appropriate response.
  5. On your spiritual journal, as you listen to God, write down a few thoughts, questions, words, names, drawings, or anything that has come to your mind during this time.
  6. Follow the Prayer section to pray and finish with your own prayer and Bible reading record.


Throughout the day, meditate on what the Holy Spirit has touched you.


5+1 short prayers:

  1. God, I belong to you.
  2. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me.
  3. Lord, save me.
  4. Father, I thank you.
  5. Lord, I love you.
  6. Come, Lord Jesus.